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Snowtober Sucks!

In case you spent the weekend under a rock, it snowed yesterday. As in October 29th.  Last I checked I live in New Jersey, and this typically doesn’t happen. Apparently that hasn’t happened since 1952 or the Civil War. This was real accumulating traffic havoc causing snow. It screwed up alot of things.

Like making my brother's football game miserable. I abstained from going. My family soldiered through it.

And trashed the trees in my parents backyard.

It also trashed my friends haunted front yard Halloween extravaganza. Atleast I got to have some Halloween fun before that. On Friday night I had fun cutting Jack O’Lanterns with my nieces.

In more relevant news, I was supposed to do my next C25K workout yesterday, but the weather had other plans. Jogging through the slush didn’t seem like a good idea.

Today, I slept in for an indulgence. Now I’m watching Session 9 (very reminiscent of Skillman Village for those of you who know) while drinking a beer with my husband. Back to work tomorrow.


Role Models for Image

So why is the fitness thing part of this? Because it’s one of those other things I’ve wanted to do but just haven’t gotten around to. I really truly believe I might be happier and like myself better, if I felt and looked better. I’m not built to be a size 4 waif. I’m built to have Kim Kardashian hips and a Christina Hendricks chest, and I’m finally ok with that.
But it would be nice if those regions actually resembled those examples instead of, well, Jabba the Hut. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get the point.
Here are some actual examples from this past weekend.

Out for dinner night before birthday

Morning of my 29th Birthday, just before the 5K.

Oh, I do have some other more real-ish life role models. Women who look absolutely fan-freaking-tastic and clearly don’t subside on celery. Some who have had problems with their weight. Some who have been attacked by the media for their change in curves and don’t give a flip about what the articles say. All of who are clearly happy, vivacious, smart, and comfortable with themselves.

Miracle Laurie from Dollhouse

Sara Rue of Rules of Engagement

Nigella Lawson - Domestic Goddess, whom I've met in person. More on her another time.

And my recent favorite/obsession ever since I read an interview with her on

Crystal Renn - plus size supermodel

Does it really get any more gorgeous than strutting in a floral Jean-Paul Gaultier gown?

Hello World!

I’m going to stick with the default title, because that really does seem appropriate.

A few days ago I decided to do something spontaneous. Totally out of character. I decided that for my 29th birthday I would sign up for a 5k. My birthday was Sunday. I had signed up the previous Wednesday. For me, that’s pretty spontaneous.

And then, I did it again.  Something spontaneous. Yet somehow the sky has not fallen. While participating in the Trick or Trot 5k, I decided I wanted to start a blog. Lately, due to an increase in free time, I’ve been rediscovering my love of creativity and how happy it makes me. I had been posting photos of nail art and beautiful things I see outside to Facebook, and thought it might be a good idea to bring them all to one place. I also noticed how I suddenly had enough room in my head while I was tromping and puffing along to come up with these ideas. So I decided that should be part of it too. I should get better at this running thing and maybe then my overly bulky bum will follow.

Though I started out the run feeling like a Clydesdale at a quarter horse race, some little spark of anticipation and excitement started to bloom inside my chest as a crossed the finish line. I certainly was in no shape to break any records, but I finished, and I wasn’t last. At the time, that’s all that mattered to me.

I want more. I want to do a race a month. I want to lose weight. I want to paint. I want to play with glitter. I want to re-learn how to sketch. I want to climb stairs without getting out of breath. I want to meditate for more than 3 minutes.  I want to enjoy music again. I want to learn how to scrap book. Then I want to do the 2012 Tough Mudder for my 30th Birthday while wearing a costume.

Say what?!? Yeah, that’s the big one. That’s what I want to do for my next birthday. As of TODAY, I have 365 days to prepare for my big 3-0 goal.

Tough Mudder is a half marathon race through mud and obstacles which may or may not include walls, cargo nets, electric nodes, carrying logs, fire hoses, and giant beach balls, etc. It’s not a race. It’s supposed to be a personal challenge – the goal is to complete the course.