Role Models for Image

So why is the fitness thing part of this? Because it’s one of those other things I’ve wanted to do but just haven’t gotten around to. I really truly believe I might be happier and like myself better, if I felt and looked better. I’m not built to be a size 4 waif. I’m built to have Kim Kardashian hips and a Christina Hendricks chest, and I’m finally ok with that.
But it would be nice if those regions actually resembled those examples instead of, well, Jabba the Hut. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get the point.
Here are some actual examples from this past weekend.

Out for dinner night before birthday

Morning of my 29th Birthday, just before the 5K.

Oh, I do have some other more real-ish life role models. Women who look absolutely fan-freaking-tastic and clearly don’t subside on celery. Some who have had problems with their weight. Some who have been attacked by the media for their change in curves and don’t give a flip about what the articles say. All of who are clearly happy, vivacious, smart, and comfortable with themselves.

Miracle Laurie from Dollhouse

Sara Rue of Rules of Engagement

Nigella Lawson - Domestic Goddess, whom I've met in person. More on her another time.

And my recent favorite/obsession ever since I read an interview with her on

Crystal Renn - plus size supermodel

Does it really get any more gorgeous than strutting in a floral Jean-Paul Gaultier gown?


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