Snowtober Sucks!

In case you spent the weekend under a rock, it snowed yesterday. As in October 29th.  Last I checked I live in New Jersey, and this typically doesn’t happen. Apparently that hasn’t happened since 1952 or the Civil War. This was real accumulating traffic havoc causing snow. It screwed up alot of things.

Like making my brother's football game miserable. I abstained from going. My family soldiered through it.

And trashed the trees in my parents backyard.

It also trashed my friends haunted front yard Halloween extravaganza. Atleast I got to have some Halloween fun before that. On Friday night I had fun cutting Jack O’Lanterns with my nieces.

In more relevant news, I was supposed to do my next C25K workout yesterday, but the weather had other plans. Jogging through the slush didn’t seem like a good idea.

Today, I slept in for an indulgence. Now I’m watching Session 9 (very reminiscent of Skillman Village for those of you who know) while drinking a beer with my husband. Back to work tomorrow.


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