Purple and Blue Geode Nails

I wasn’t pleased with the way my snakeskin nails came out. Sort of a cross between a snake, crocodile, and mosaic tile platter.

So I tried again following a tutorial I saw online, only to hate it even more.

Then I wiped that off to start over with an idea I had in my head. I had intended it to look something like twilight, but as I was playing with colors something else started to emerge so I went with it.

Geode nails

I did them one nail at a time so I could blend the colors before they dried. I started by painting 1/3 of the nail tip white (Orly White Tips)

Then I painted a thin line of OPI Russian Navy at the cuticle then a strip of Butter London Lady Muck and a swipe of Butter London Scoundrel.

Next I used an OPI clear coat in quick strokes to blend the colors.

Then to give it a shimmery quartz like look I went over it with Chine Glaze White Cap.



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