How to rock a blah day

For whatever reason, it was one of those mornings where I absolutely couldn’t fathom the idea of getting out of bed. I wasn’t sick or unwell. I just didn’t want to leave the comfort of my comforter and open my eyes. Maybe it was the dreams about the monster eating scientists on the spaceship whenever the lights went out and the evil teacher behind the plot. Or the one about driving on the highway trying to avoid all the red cars trying to hit me while my passenger was painting my nails green. Don’t even know where to begin analyzing that. After getting over the “I don’t wannas” I had about 30 minutes to shower and get out the door. I was staring at a pile of clean unfolded laundry and just not caring. This is no way to start the day. A better philosophy is to go with all your favorites. So I started with a neutral gray sweater and my cowboy boots.

Celeste from Old Gringo in Rust

How can you not feel awesome when wearing a pricey pair of boots that are also outrageously comfortable! Those were a birthday/Christmas present from my in-laws. I had found them online about a year before and was waiting until I was actually in Texas to buy cowboy boots. I love love love them. I think the love me back too. On days like this, I also don’t feel like drying my hair. Who wants to spend 15 minutes blowing hot air in their own face to end up with arm cramps? Next time I’m really in the mood for that I’ll go try some hot yoga. Instead I went for the tried and true bun.

Elastic simplicity

For those of you wondering, no. I haven’t colored my hair in a long time. That’s all me. I am considering it though because what you don’t see from the angle is all the grays starting to emerge up top and out front. Cougar in the front, kitten in the back. And last, but not least, red lipstick. It’s a sort of “in” thing that I have adopted lately, but is so classic. I never thought I could pull it off until recently I saw an article about a photo essay called A Shade of Red. Alyson Fox got 100 very different women together and photographed them all wearing the same shade of red lipstick. They all look gorgeous and timeless.

My power red of choice - Lancome L'absolu Rouge.

It’s so versatile. A little bit goes on like a bright stain for a flush of healthy color. Or you can line your lips and fill it in sharp and creamy for a look that says “don’t eff with me”. Some day when I really have the guts to photograph myself I’ll show you.

With those item in place, some pants (duh) and caffeine, I’m ready to go.


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