Inaugural HFF Weekly Update

I used to do a weekly update email every Monday for the emergency squad activities, and I kinda miss it. I tried to come up with different themes and make it funny.  I also really like planning and organizing. Let’s just say my calendar is color coded, and so is my closet.
I also find it’s a good way to stay on track with activities and priorities. Make sure I don’t double book (too much). And honestly, it’s the only way I can ever carve out some personal time or gym time. Otherwise it just slips right past me.
So here is the inaugural edition of Heather’s Figments and Fitness Weekly Update. 
  • Timesheet. Check. (I HATE doing my timesheet. If I ever have my own business I will ban timesheets. Or atleast not do one myself.)
  • Have husband show me how to put more music on my Droid
  • Do a C25K workout
  • Make mini-pumpkin cheesecake from the recipe I found on Fitnessista.
  • Happy Birthday Carolyn!
  • Go to work
  • Strength workout at gym
  • Do the nails. They are getting shabby. Need a design idea. I’m saving Jeremy’s super truthful Thanksgiving, for, well, Thanksgiving.
  • I need to do something fun. Not sure what yet. Andy is working all night, and sometimes I struggle with being a blob on the couch when he has those shifts. Especially now that he introduced me to Skyrim.
  • C25K workout
  • Bake for the meeting. I’m thinking some kind of bread. Good reason to have the oven on when it’s chilly out. 
  • Weekly meeting where I share baked goods, so that I don’t eat them myself. 
  • Clean and baby-proof the apartment
  • Get a walk in somewhere
  • Olivia comes to stay with Auntie Heather! Yay!
  • Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck at Caryn’s. Hmm, what to make for that.
  • Somerset Turkey Trot 5k with Olivia. My cousin, her girlfriend, and their dog are coming too. I’m so excited they are joining me. 
  • Most likely chill and grill for the afternoon.

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