Missing the Mark

My own sketch because I couldn't find any other image to illustrate the point. And no, I don't live in Alaska. Stop laughing at it! Ok, you can laugh. He does look like Spock.

That c25K workout didn’t happen last night. It’s so so dark by the time I get home. And it’s starting to get chilly earlier. When I get home all I want to do is eat dinner, chill out for a little bit, and go to bed. And lately I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual. It sounds like a bunch of crap excuses when I read it on paper in black and white, but it’s all true.

I get up at 6ish. Shower, dress, hair, feed the cats, pack my bags, and out the door around 7. Then an hour commute to be at my desk around 8. Lunch is at 12. I try to get a walk in if the weather is cooperating. Leave work around 5:15, sit in traffic for an hour and change, and get home around 6:30. It is pitch black. I do not feel like running. I do not feel like leaving my couch.

This is not good. This is getting me no where. Let’s fix this.

1. Workout in the morning instead? Maybe, not my first choice. Getting up earlier is really really hard for me.

2. Head straight to the gym from work so I don’t have to be outdoors? Probably a very good idea. Must remember to pack gym bag.

3. Go for a walk/run straight from the office? Possibly a good idea. Could change in the bathroom. Won’t have to sit through traffic. Would need to pack bag and a snack.

4. Get a running buddy? More likely to keep that appointment. So true, and I’m already looking into it. Hey Katie? Tara? Interested? Anyone?

5. All of the above? Yes, even better.

New plan of action is to attempt to do the workout in the morning, which will provide more energy for the day. Fall back is to have a gym bag in the car. I already keep a set of field clothes, so what’s the difference? Then I can  do it straight from work, go to the gym, or meet up with a friend.


One response to “Missing the Mark

  1. I would run with you on evenings I am around! Unfortunately those aren’t too often so it wouldn’t provide much consistency. If you could find a consistent running buddy, it would definitely help though!

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