Called on Account of Pee

This past weekend was the Turkey Trot 5k. It was also the same weekend I babysat my niece, Olivia, while here parents went away for the first time since she was born about a year ago.

Friday evening I picked Olivia up from daycare and she was all smiles and cuddles. We had a good time with friends at a potluck, where she was very entertaining. Her tired little butt fell fast asleep on the way home in the car. So did mine. I had a big day ahead. Doing a 5k with a jogging stroller.

In the morning, around 7am, I actually had to wake her up. Again, smiles and cuddles. How can you not love this kid? We both chowed down on bananas and Cheerios then got dressed. Backed the diaper bag and jogging stroller, and off we go.

We arrived at Colonial Park with plenty of time to get ourselves together and check in. Unfortunately I didn’t register early enough, so no T-shirt for me. Boo.

Olivia was actually enthralled by watching the 1-mile fun run race. As they finished up we went to line up for the 5k at the back of the back. By chance, I ran into an old friend from college (Hi Ryan!). He asked when I had a kid. Nope, not mine. Just borrowing her.

Suddenly the race started. Yeah, suddenly. People just started moving forward. So we followed along. Me pushing the stroller behind other strollers and a few dogs at the back of the pack.

I was plodding along, and actually felt pretty good. The cool air was refreshing. My lungs weren’t exploding after 1/4 mile. But Olivia was starting to fuss. I rocked the stroller a little. Maybe she would go to sleep. After a half mile I backed off. The wailing got louder. So started to push it. More fussing and whimpering. Not good.

I pulled over and felt her diaper. It was quite full. And her onesie was wet. And it’s like 40 something degrees out. Not good.

I assessed the situation. We were closer to the car than the finish line. I had a baby that was very wet. I was running a 5k in a race where I was doing ok, but not enjoying the course. Time to cut my losses and do the right thing.

We headed back to the car, and with the heat on full blast, I changed her diaper, and clothes. I sipped on some coconut water while she sipped some formula and dozed off. It was a lovely bittersweet trip back down the canal. Once home, we both dozed off on the couch.


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