Heather, meet Heather

So  so busy with the holiday and getting back into the swing at work, but I’m back.

One of the ways of sticking with running that I had mentioned before was finding a running buddy. I wasn’t having the greatest of luck online. I either couldn’t find anything local, or the posts were really old.

So I went ahead and posted and add on Craig’s List. You can find just about anything or anyone on Craig’s List. There is a section for activity partners on there, so that seemed appropriate. Alot of it is people looking for people to play soccer or pick up basketball. Some were obviously tricks or spam.

I made my own post so I could request it be someone local. They protect your identity by giving you an encrypted sort of email address. I stated my age, gender, abilities, goals, and the areas that I’d like to meet up.

One woman who did respond seemed a little further away than I had initially been considering but seemed very enthusiastic. When meeting someone in person that you have made contact with online it is very important to follow some common sense safety measure. We made an appointment to meet up the next day at a very public place to walk; a shopping mall. That’s safety tip #1. Always first meet in a public place. She also went ahead and friended me on Facebook. That is part of safety tip #2. Verify the existence and gender of the person you are meeting.  Google them and dig deep. Safety tip #3 was that we had both told other friends that we were meeting up. Safety tip #4 is that each of our friends sent us a check-up text early in the meeting to make sure everything was ok.

We spotted each other right away and launched right into chatting like we had just seen each other last week. Funny enough, her name is also Heather. Before we knew it we had been walking for an hour and a half, talking non-stop, and making fun of ugly trendy dresses in shop windows. We will definitely be making this a weekly appointment.


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