Monthly Archives: February 2012

Can’t Complain

I decided today I can’t hate/complain/be annoyed/unimpressed/disappointed with myself for being overweight if I’m not putting the required effort in to change it. Because complaining I’m fat and wishing for a change doesn’t create one.

Liz is another blogger I’ve been following over at for inspiration. She’s come a long way, has done some amazing things, but being healthy is something she still has to work on all the time. 

Her post reminds me wishing for change doesn’t make it happen. I have not right to hate my current situation if I’m not making a concerted effort to change it. Kind of like if you don’t vote in the Presidential Election, you can’t complain about who wins. 

This also makes me thing ahead to the future. WHEN I DO REACH MY GOAL, I’ll still have to put in alot of effort to maintain. I won’t just magically be able to eat whatever the hell I want and hang on the couch and expect my new awesome body to hang around. 

Becoming healthy means getting healthy and staying healthy.


Brave new world!

So sorry for the extended absence but new things have been brewing. I spent a good chunk of January pulling double duty and laying the groundwork for an exciting new venture.

Starting today (officially) I am the new Associate Director of Nomad Group (currently Nomad Geomatics). I have gone into business with my friend Nick and joined is small, but blossoming, environmental consulting company. We have agreed that my title means that I do everything that he doesn’t, or everything when he isn’t around, since it’s just the two of us and some interns.

So what does this mean for my health? Great things! My schedule is flexible. I can make time to go to gym. There is a branch of my gym near home and near the office. I can make my meals at home, because I have the option of working from home sometimes. I don’t have to sit in traffic. I have time to be creative.

Better job + better diet +exercise – stress = Better me!

On the creative side, I think I’m going to be moving my nail art to a Tumblr. I’ll edit this post with a link when that happens.