About Me

On my 29th birthday I decided to do a 5k. During that inaugural run/walk I also decided I wanted to do the Tough Mudder for my 30th birthday, blog about what I was doing to get prepared (to keep me accountable), and expand on some creative pursuits that had been pinging around in my head.

I realized there is so much I want to do this year. So many things I want to try. So many things I want to finally get around to. Here are a few things high on my list, in no particular order;

Lose xxx lbs (did you really think I’d tell you?)

Get a new bike

Run a marathon

Write a book

Decorate cakes

Improve painting techniques

Take the GREs

Quick Bio:

I’m 29 and I live in New Jersey with my husband and two cats. By day I work as an environmental scientist. By night is yet to be defined. I have been an EMT for 11 years and am finally deciding to take a year off from that to get around to some things I have wanted to do for myself.

I spent my high school years playing soccer and being a science geek. In college I continued the geek thing, but spent more time in an ambulance, and drinking and other college activities. Not so much with the soccer or any other kind of sports. It started to show and I quickly began to dislike myself. I’ve felt helpless and out of control about the way I look and feel about myself. In doing so, I’ve made it worse with self defeating behaviors.

It’s easy to say enough is enough. Quit bitching and start doing. Eat less, move more. If that was truly the secret to being healthy, everyone would be. So there is obviously something else to it. Like a stool, for it to stay balanced, it needs more than two legs. Diet, exercise, and…..something else. Something else that isn’t quite definable. Inspiration, motivations, exhilaration. I’ll keep looking.



One response to “About Me

  1. Doing great, Heather! I think you are on a great journey!

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