Favorite Photos

These are some photos that I have taken during my trips, travels, and whenever I see something that catches my eye. Enjoy!

Natural Collection - 8.19.2009 Belle Mead, NJ

The Smile of Compassion, Mischief, and Inspiration – Christine Macken. 11.5.1985 to 7.5.2010

If you would like to know more about her, or how to help those who suffer from the same condition, please visitĀ http://christinemackenmemorialfund.com/

Kevin Apuzzio. The first friend I lost in EMS.

Here is an article about Kevin’s line of duty death. I don’t know who to credit the photo to, but I’ve had it for years.

Yes, Mommy Posed Us - 3.26.2006 Lopatcong, NJ

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath - 5.11.2006 Lopatcong, NJ

Piggy Noms – 4.14.2006 Lopatcong, NJ
Two Piggies – 4.14.2006 Lopatcong, NJ
Let Me Help You Fold! – 5.23.2006 New Brunswick, NJ
Mischievous George – 12.16.2005 New Brunswick, NJ. I guess he was hungry.
A Bunny in the Hand…. – 4.23.2006 Lopatcong, NJ
Cottontails in Cranesbill – 4.23.2006, Lopatcong, NJ
Rainbow Umbrella on Beach – 9.10.2007 Ocean City, NJ

Spotted Salamander - 3.22.2007 East Brunswick, NJ


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