What Insulation?

I just finished up my weekly walk with Heather. I’d say a good 3.5 miles. It was getting colder as we walked. I turned on the heat as soon as I got in the car and could feel it soaking in.

I need some caffeine to do some extra work tonight so I stopped at Starbucks. And hot liquid. I walked in with chattering teeth and I could feel that my arm fat was still cold! I am wrapped in a layer of cold fat. It’s like how it takes the solid fat on top of home made soup longer to heat up than the liquid part.

I bet Heather’s skinny frame got chilled faster, but I bet she also warmed up sooner. And she has soup to go home to. Mmmmm, soup.


Backyard Bird nails

So I made a fatal error with the Christmas light nails and added too much glue and glitter and not enough topcoat. Everything that was on top of the flock just peeled off. Oh well, good effort.

That gave me a good opportunity to come up with a new design. I’m pretty excited when I do original designs instead of mimicking something I’ve already seen.

I’m a bit of a geek. I’m an environmental scientist, so it comes with the territory. I also spend alot of time outside and like to be inspired by nature. I present my Backyard Birds.


Yes, that is a squirrel on my ring finger. Very good!

And for those of you just learning, there is also a blue jay, male cardinal, tufted titmouse, and a goldfinch. Goldfinich! Shout out to Jersey.

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas nail art

I was decorating the tree last night and was inspired to do these. I still need to clean up around the cuticles, but I was tired by the time I was done. It’s hard to see in the photo, but for the background I mixed iridescent white micro glitter and white flocking so it looks very snowy.

Word of the Day: Fitspo

Over the weekend I discovered FITSPO. I had previously heard of thinspo, which is websites and blogs devoted to anorexic looking girls with ribs and hip bones popping out as inspiration. While looking for a little motivation I searched   thinspo and came to Let’s Do This Together. It is covered in pictures of healthy looking foods, women with some definition, and inspirational messages for getting healthy. Not just getting skinny.

I started clipping photos, searching for similar things, found a great postcard to stick on the inside of my kitchen cabinets.

After following some hyperlinks I realized how many more of these are out there. Have a visual of realistic goals and putting them into words is a great motivator.

It certainly helped me over the weekend. When I went out on Saturday night instead of going for the chicken fingers, I got a gianormous salad with balsamic, because the flashcards of motivators was going through my head.

Even though my schedule during the day got turned around, I still went out for a walk. On Sunday I met up with a friend for a run, and made similar plans for later in the week.

With healthy support and motivation from myself, friends, and the internet, I can make this happen.

Heather, meet Heather

So  so busy with the holiday and getting back into the swing at work, but I’m back.

One of the ways of sticking with running that I had mentioned before was finding a running buddy. I wasn’t having the greatest of luck online. I either couldn’t find anything local, or the posts were really old.

So I went ahead and posted and add on Craig’s List. You can find just about anything or anyone on Craig’s List. There is a section for activity partners on there, so that seemed appropriate. Alot of it is people looking for people to play soccer or pick up basketball. Some were obviously tricks or spam.

I made my own post so I could request it be someone local. They protect your identity by giving you an encrypted sort of email address. I stated my age, gender, abilities, goals, and the areas that I’d like to meet up.

One woman who did respond seemed a little further away than I had initially been considering but seemed very enthusiastic. When meeting someone in person that you have made contact with online it is very important to follow some common sense safety measure. We made an appointment to meet up the next day at a very public place to walk; a shopping mall. That’s safety tip #1. Always first meet in a public place. She also went ahead and friended me on Facebook. That is part of safety tip #2. Verify the existence and gender of the person you are meeting.  Google them and dig deep. Safety tip #3 was that we had both told other friends that we were meeting up. Safety tip #4 is that each of our friends sent us a check-up text early in the meeting to make sure everything was ok.

We spotted each other right away and launched right into chatting like we had just seen each other last week. Funny enough, her name is also Heather. Before we knew it we had been walking for an hour and a half, talking non-stop, and making fun of ugly trendy dresses in shop windows. We will definitely be making this a weekly appointment.

Thanksgiving Nails

I did a little artwork tonight

Thanksgiving nails left hand. Edward Winslow and Squanto to the rescue!

Thanksgiving nails right hand. Major stars in the frames. (Frames and portraits inspired by Robin Moses)

Called on Account of Pee

This past weekend was the Turkey Trot 5k. It was also the same weekend I babysat my niece, Olivia, while here parents went away for the first time since she was born about a year ago.

Friday evening I picked Olivia up from daycare and she was all smiles and cuddles. We had a good time with friends at a potluck, where she was very entertaining. Her tired little butt fell fast asleep on the way home in the car. So did mine. I had a big day ahead. Doing a 5k with a jogging stroller.

In the morning, around 7am, I actually had to wake her up. Again, smiles and cuddles. How can you not love this kid? We both chowed down on bananas and Cheerios then got dressed. Backed the diaper bag and jogging stroller, and off we go.

We arrived at Colonial Park with plenty of time to get ourselves together and check in. Unfortunately I didn’t register early enough, so no T-shirt for me. Boo.

Olivia was actually enthralled by watching the 1-mile fun run race. As they finished up we went to line up for the 5k at the back of the back. By chance, I ran into an old friend from college (Hi Ryan!). He asked when I had a kid. Nope, not mine. Just borrowing her.

Suddenly the race started. Yeah, suddenly. People just started moving forward. So we followed along. Me pushing the stroller behind other strollers and a few dogs at the back of the pack.

I was plodding along, and actually felt pretty good. The cool air was refreshing. My lungs weren’t exploding after 1/4 mile. But Olivia was starting to fuss. I rocked the stroller a little. Maybe she would go to sleep. After a half mile I backed off. The wailing got louder. So started to push it. More fussing and whimpering. Not good.

I pulled over and felt her diaper. It was quite full. And her onesie was wet. And it’s like 40 something degrees out. Not good.

I assessed the situation. We were closer to the car than the finish line. I had a baby that was very wet. I was running a 5k in a race where I was doing ok, but not enjoying the course. Time to cut my losses and do the right thing.

We headed back to the car, and with the heat on full blast, I changed her diaper, and clothes. I sipped on some coconut water while she sipped some formula and dozed off. It was a lovely bittersweet trip back down the canal. Once home, we both dozed off on the couch.