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A Social Diet

This 17 Day Diet thing has become a social experiment, which I think is making it so much better.

It’s started when Ann suggested it to Mer, who gave me the book, then I got my husband on board, made some notes, and shared them with Katie.

Sometimes Mer stops at Ann’s on her way to class so they can share food. Even better is Mer, Katie and I (ok, my husband) take turns cooking one night a week. We are in the middle of our first week and it’s going well.

We are also taking to passing around an email to stay accountable about what it is that we are eating, what we are craving, giving out little reminders, and pointing out the asshole that went and brought cookies to the office after the holidays. Who does that?

So, in case you are keeping tabs, we are in Cycle 1. We are still having some cravings, but it’s getting better. For the most part we all have more energy and are getting acquainted with consuming regular amounts of green tea and water. The dietary restrictions really aren’t that bad. Not being able to have carbs right now makes it exactly the thing that we do want.

It’s also making us realize certain things about ourselves. like maybe we aren’t eating as healthy as we thought. Or that maybe my perpetual tiredness was due to dehydration. Not giving into an immediate craving can make you appreciate that thing more later.

Over all though, I’m really enjoying the sociableness of it. Like our own little dinner club. Maybe in the future when we are all svelte and enviable we can parlay this into a book club.


How is the 17 Day Diet really 68 Days?

Because of math, duh.

A friend asked me to try the 17 Day Diet  with her to start 2012. My husband said he would be on board too.

Now before you get your panties in a twist about me breaking promises about crazy diets, let’s look at the facts first. The “diet” is a method of encouraging healthy eating, promotes the consumption of lean proteins and veggies, helps wean you off caffeine and sugars, and incorporating daily exercise. Um, I don’t see anything wrong with this.

It even comes with a workbook to help keep you on track! Hmm, sounds an awful lot like a food diary. Again, nothing wrong with that.

So what’s with the 17? The diet is broken down in to four 17 day cycles. (4×17=68. oh, math, right) The first cycle is more restrictive to help detox and wean  you off sugar and caffeine. Each cycle reintroduces foods to your diet and includes “cheat days”. The last cycle is for maintenance. Sort of eating for a way of life.

On average people lose about 10 lbs in the first cycle and about 5lbs during the second cycle. As an average, that sounds pretty reasonable.

Let’s do this thing. Starting now! Wait, it’s still 2011? Gufaw! Ok. Next week.

Let’d do this thing. Prep now.