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Power to the She

I saw that phrase in the title of an email I got and I was like “Huh? What kind of new agey crap is this” Turns out it was from Athleta, an affiliate of Old Navy. Then I opened it and saw this…

And then I was like “Damn right!” What a cool add. I wanted to put it everywhere! Where can I post this! Well, I could post on Facebook but then I can’t pin it on Pinterest, so I put it here. So, please share, and note that it’s from Athleta.


Word of the Day: Fitspo

Over the weekend I discovered FITSPO. I had previously heard of thinspo, which is websites and blogs devoted to anorexic looking girls with ribs and hip bones popping out as inspiration. While looking for a little motivation I searched   thinspo and came to Let’s Do This Together. It is covered in pictures of healthy looking foods, women with some definition, and inspirational messages for getting healthy. Not just getting skinny.

I started clipping photos, searching for similar things, found a great postcard to stick on the inside of my kitchen cabinets.

After following some hyperlinks I realized how many more of these are out there. Have a visual of realistic goals and putting them into words is a great motivator.

It certainly helped me over the weekend. When I went out on Saturday night instead of going for the chicken fingers, I got a gianormous salad with balsamic, because the flashcards of motivators was going through my head.

Even though my schedule during the day got turned around, I still went out for a walk. On Sunday I met up with a friend for a run, and made similar plans for later in the week.

With healthy support and motivation from myself, friends, and the internet, I can make this happen.